AC Class of 2019 Celebrates Decision Day

Posted on May 3rd, 2019 by Allendale Columbia School

Allendale Columbia’s Class of 2019 celebrated the May 1st Decision Day by wearing apparel from their future schools. They plan to attend colleges in all corners of the United States, including the University of Southern California, the University of Texas at Austin, Middlebury College, Berklee College of Music and 15 different colleges and universities in New York state.

Over the past four years, AC graduates have been awarded more than $16 million in academic scholarships.

AC's Class of 2019 on College Decision Day

First row (left to right): Tristan Nicosia, Nate Pifer, Rachel Sherin, AnnMargaret Mealey, Ella Hocker, Raheema Muhammad,
Makayla Cappon, Nicole Filipi, Thalia Delvalle-Londoño, Marissa Frenett, Ann Mihalyov, Ruilu
Gao, Hanyu Li, Dongming Shen, Noah Levine.
Second row (left to right): Anna Granat, Cruise Hawkes, Cassidy Draper, Tsioianiio Galban,
Xiaofei Chen, Yunfang Xu, Naomi Taggart, Chi Cao, Misha Zain, Mikayla Gross, Sasha Furdey,
Gabriel Rosen.
Third row (left to right): Justin Peckham, Andrew Ragan, James Morrell, Amanda Turner, John
Phillips, Emilia Granat, Felicia Conheady, Bobby Shearer, Hao Truong, Mhanna Mahmoud, Inho
Lee, Haoze Li, Zhouxi Ye, Zitong Jin

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