AC is a Nut-Aware School

Posted on September 14th, 2018 by Allendale Columbia School

Allendale Columbia is a Nut-Aware school. This means that, while we cannot guarantee to parents, students, and visitors that the premises will be free from nut products, the School’s policy is to prohibit parents, students, employees, and visitors to campus from bringing nut products into classrooms or other areas on campus where students consume food. The School will make reasonable efforts to ensure that all parents, students, employees and visitors are aware of this policy.

AC Nut-Aware PolicyThe School asks that parents assist in providing all students with a safe learning environment. Parents should:

  • Refrain from using nuts (including peanuts or peanut shells, as well as pine nuts and other nut products) in projects that may be brought into the classroom by their child;
  • Refrain from including nuts (which includes peanut butter) in their child’s lunches and/or snacks;
  • Encourage their child to wash their hands prior to arriving at school, as well as before and after snacks and/or lunch; and
  • Refrain from bringing any treats which contain nuts (including peanut butter) to school for birthdays and/or celebrations. Please be sure to discuss any plans to bring food to school with your classroom teacher prior to doing so. 

For students who use the school’s dining services: the school’s Food Service Department does not purchase foods containing nuts or labeled as “may contain traces of nuts” as part of the AC lunch/snack program, nor does the Food Services Department use products that contain nuts or labeled “may contain nuts” in events catered by the AC Food Service Team.

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