AC Second Graders Engage in a Variety of Experiences Through ClassDojo Tool

Posted on December 10th, 2014 by klapa

This school year, AC faculty member Jennifer Truong has instituted the ClassDojo tool in her second grade classroom. As part of this online tool, students earn feedback points in different areas such as coming up with creative ideas/solutions to problems or projects, organizing their materials, being respectful/kind to others, positive teamwork when collaborating with others to solve a problem or complete a project, demonstrating on-task learning behaviors, and being an active participant and member of their classroom community. Points are tracked online at When students earn 30 points individually or 100 points as a class, they can choose to participate in a variety of meaningful opportunities and exciting experiences.

This tool is helping to encourage students to step outside their comfort zones. For instance, two students recently served as “Assistant Chefs,” helping to make Lower School lunch with our kitchen staff. Others have served as “Assistant Teachers” in the nursery and pre-kindergarten room with Mrs. Kwiatkowski and Miss Crowe, participated in an Upper School AP Bio class with Mrs. Lisi, joined a Middle School science class with Mrs. Duver, and more!

In addition to providing motivational opportunities and experiences, students are also learning about philanthropy through this initiative as they have the option to donate points and help others, and parents are able to stay informed by tracking progress online!



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