AC Seniors Selected for “Start Here” Exhibition at RIT

Posted on January 31st, 2019 by Allendale Columbia School

Allendale Columbia seniors Misha Zain and Tsioianiio Galban were selected to exhibit their artwork in the invitational “Start Here” exhibition at RIT, which runs through Saturday, February 2nd. At the exhibition Misha was presented with the Advertising Award for Excellence and Creativity from RIT’s faculty for her untitled portrait photograph.

“My inspiration was actually the cape that Vivian (Osness, an AC junior) was wearing in the photo,” Misha explained. When I found it in the costume closet, I knew I had to do a shoot centered around it. I set up my own lights, did Viv’s hair, painted on her face, and took about ten minutes taking photos.”

Tsioianiio was inspired by an everyday observation. “On the bus to school every day, the dawn light that shines on the snow looks the same as sunlight on a table cloth. The colors that are present in the snow are present in the painting,” she said. “I started with a live model and by choosing my color palette, then sketching out a rough under painting. From there I build up what colors I want and then finalize the edges/shading.”

When asked if art would be a part of her future after this, Tsioianiio replied, “I feel very secure in my abilities as an artist now that I have been recognized by my art teacher, Ms. Lori Wun, someone to whom I look up to and admire greatly. I will be continuing my education in college by pursuing a degree in art history and art conservation.”

“In the past, I thought that I wasn’t that proficient at photography,” Misha answered when asked how she felt about this recognition. “But this award has made me realize that photography is something that I could actually professionally pursue. It’s a fantastic feeling. I love art and especially photography. No matter what I pursue in life, I know that photography will always be a part of it.”

Displayed in the Bevier Gallery, “Start Here” features work from Middle School and High School students in the Rochester/Finger Lakes area. The 2019 exhibition will remain on view in the gallery until Saturday, February 2nd. The Bevier Gallery is on the second floor of Booth Hall. For more information, go to

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