Adopt the AC Garden this Summer

Posted on April 25th, 2019 by cnickels

AC’s Garden received some TLC on Earth Day thanks to faculty members Gabriel Costanzo and Andy Ragan and AC Middle School students. Check out the photo album of the Earth Day Campus Clean Up here!

Allendale Columbia 6th-graders and 8th-graders spent the sunny afternoon clearing leaves and branches from the garden, weeding and mulching the perennial beds, and painting the bench and bird house. The garden includes flowers, butterfly bushes, the AC beehive, and a fenced-in vegetable garden. Last year, the vegetable garden produced ample green beans, cucumbers, and tomatoes enjoyed on the AC salad bar. As gardening season gets into full swing, this natural treasure on AC’s campus needs community help to keep it going.

What used to be two homes on Allens Creek Road is now a growing haven for flowers, bees, and vegetables. After the homes were torn down, AC faculty took the opportunity to teach students about gardening through numerous workdays with families and faculty, Middle School “mini-courses” (2008-2013), and various May Term courses such as “What Makes Your Garden Grow?”, “Grow Your Own Food,” “The Buds and the Bees,” and “Inch by Inch, Row by Row.” The 2018 May Term class planted the entire vegetable garden. This year, another May Term class will get things started by preparing and planting the vegetable garden and then pitching opportunities to volunteer in the garden during the May Term Exhibition Night on June 6th.

Volunteers are needed to adopt the garden for one week during the summer. Last year, we had the whole summer covered! AC’s Summer LEAP students also spend time in the garden, bringing the fun and fascination of vegetable gardening to students from RCSD School No. 17. When students are not on campus, volunteers can keep the produce that is ready for picking. When school starts in September, the vegetables go to the kitchen for all to enjoy! (If you ate with us last September, you likely ate some green beans, cucumbers, and tomatoes from the AC garden!). With your support this summer, the AC garden can produce another bounty of vegetables and great memories.


Adopt the AC Garden This Summer!

Volunteers are needed all summer to help tend to the vegetable garden, harvest the food, and keep this natural treasure going!

Contact Gabe Costanzo or Andy Ragan.


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