Our alumni have gone on to reach great heights.

They are a diverse, accomplished, fascinating group of people, each of whom has taken a unique path in life. These individuals provide an example of how an Allendale Columbia education opens doors, setting the stage for meaningful achievement and rewarding careers. Click each image below to read more about our incredible alumni.

Patrick Doyle ’89

Sculptural Artist
Rochester, NY



Eric Foote '05

Eric Foote ’05

Software Engineer, The Robotics Institute
Pittsburgh, PA



Holly Valentine ’90

Fourth Grade Teacher, Walt Disney Elementary School
Rochester, NY


AC Alumn Kholiswa Kholiswa Laird ‘00
Post Doctoral Scientist, University of Rochester
Rochester, NY



Victoria Paterson '89. Image by Lisa Mazzucco


Victoria Paterson ’89
New York, NY


AC Alumn Khishchenko


Natan Khishchenko ‘93
Neurologist, Park Ridge Hospital
Rochester, NY


AC Alumn Pam Bloch
Pam Block ‘87
Executive Director: The Baltimore Urban Debate League
Baltimore, MD




David Crofton ’88
Owner, One Girl Cookies

Brooklyn, NY


Carson Cooman ‘00
Composer of Contemporary Classical Music
Cambridge, MA