AC Alumn Cooman Composer of Contemporary Classical Music
Cambridge, MA

Carson Cooman lives a life driven by music. After graduating from Allendale Columbia, he earned degrees in music and composition from Harvard and Carnegie Mellon University before propelling himself into the modern classical music firmament, building a catalogue of original works that have been performed on all six inhabited continents and more than thirty recordings. As Composer-in-Residence for The Memorial Church at Harvard, he continues to perform and write music for the organ, a deep-rooted passion.

“Allendale Columbia provides a strong background in a wide range of subject areas, preparation that served me well both in college and in my professional life. Studying literature, math and other core subjects was extremely important, both for my academic and personal development. That firm grounding made me feel secure in college, allowing me to focus on my passion—music.

“Of course, the study of music is deeply entwined with the study of art and literature. Allendale Columbia provided me with a foundation of across-the-board knowledge, giving me the confidence to deepen my musical interests.

Lower School Students participate in the Tall Tale Express“I look back on my time there with great fondness. The students and faculty formed a strong community, and the school was a truly nurturing environment for me, something few creative people can say about their pre-college education. I really appreciate that.”

Carson has gone on to assist fifth grade teacher, Randy Northrup, with the lower school musical productions, the latest being “The Great American Tall Tale Express,” a musical created specifically for our students, written by Northrup and composed by Cooman.