“Music for All” Plays Allendale Columbia

Posted on March 24th, 2017 by klapa
On Wednesday, March 22nd and Thursday, March 23rd, Lower School students had the opportunity to hear one of the three chamber music ensembles who visited as part of “Music for All,” an Eastman School of Music program that places outstanding student musicians in various venues throughout the local community for free performances. The musicians were both entertaining and informative, taking questions from our young audiences, explaining what was happening in the music, and igniting students’ imagination with the music they played.

On Wednesday morning, fourth and fifth graders heard a program of French impressionist music by Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel, performed by two pianists. On Thursday afternoon, the second grade attended a performance by a piano trio (violin, cello, and piano) that featured two movements of a piece by Clara Schumann. Also on Thursday afternoon, the kindergarten and first grade enjoyed a performance of music by J. S. Bach, Antonin Dvorak, Reinhold Gliere, and John Philip Sousa, performed by a tuba quartet (that’s right, FOUR TUBAS!).

All of these performances were amazing. We were very fortunate for the cultural enrichment and listening pleasure that the students from the Eastman School of Music shared with our young students through the “Music for All” program.

Here are a few links of video excerpts from the performances:
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Opening Day 2016!

Posted on September 23rd, 2016 by kvella

The 2016-2017 school year is off to a great start! Students and faculty enthusiastically returned for the new school year, and were welcomed by the Class of 2017 who cheered for everyone coming to campus on the first day of school. Check out these photos from the first day of AC’s 126th year!

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Designing, Programming, and 3D-Printing in 3rd Grade S.T.E.M. Class

Posted on April 12th, 2016 by ssorrentino


3D Printing_1_orig

Unit background PRIOR to 3D-printing original designs in 3rd grade S.T.E.M. Class…

Throughout their Sound Unit, aptly named The Sound of Music, our 3rd Grade S.T.E.M. students focused on how sound works and how physical environments and culture play an important role on the specific materials used to create musical instruments. To introduce this part of the unit, the students participated in various station activities centered on the percussion, string, and woodwind families of musical instruments. Each station activity compared and contrasted different types of materials used to create the instruments. For example, does pitch change if an instrument is filled with one type of material versus another? What happens when different materials (wire, rope, cord) are used for transmitting sound waves? Students learned even more from our visiting musicians Dr. Keith Jones, Mr. Artie Cruz, and Mr. Gabe Costanzo who each demonstrated and played some of the lesser known instruments from various countries, including: Didgeridoo, Harmonium, Theramin, Guzheng, and more! Visit STEMspotlight to view more photos and videos of these classroom learning experiences.


Back to 3D-printing original designs in 3rd grade S.T.E.M. Class…

For their Sound Unit final project, our 3rd grade S.T.E.M. students each devised their own story behind an imaginary discovery of an ancient musical instrument. Students documented details on the location of this discovery, the history and culture of the imagined community, as well as the general design and function of their musical instrument. Culminating this writing activity, the remaining Sound Unit classes resumed in the new Design & Innovation Lab housing the school’s 3D-printers. In the lab, students continued with further designing their “ancient musical instruments” by initially sketching and then diagramming, scaling, and providing specific measurements to be programmed using Tinkercad.

To get started on the next phase of this project, the students were provided class instruction on using the computer-aided design (CAD) programming software under the direction of the Lower School S.T.E.M. Team and in collaboration with Middle School Hybrid Learning Coordinator, Mr. Tony Tepedino. Students quickly grasped the programming concepts, were highly engaged with seeing their original designs evolve into actual CAD models, and did a great job with also assisting their classmates with design and programming suggestions.

Mr. Tepedino also demonstrated and explained the 3D-printing process as well as the design implications with ensuring structural integrity in the final, 3D-printed projects. Most exciting of all, our S.T.E.M. students were thrilled with the physical models they first imagined, then designed, programmed, and successfully 3D-printed!

3D Printing_1

3D Printing_2_text

3D Printing_3

3D Printing_4


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REVTOS Renewable Energy Training System

Posted on December 18th, 2015 by ssorrentino


In partnership with Alfred State College, REVTOS (a renewable energy training system) has been placed on the Allendale Columbia School campus through the months of November and December. The REVTOS System is comprised of a 30′ x 5′ solar panel and a 30′ high wind turbine. The remote monitoring and data logging box has been housed in the Lower School S.T.E.M. classrooms. S.T.E.M. students, grades K through 5, have been taking advantage of this system being on our campus by completing a variety of solar and wind power experiments and data collection.

Our kindergarten students have been learning how the solar panels and the wind turbine are being used to create energy, and have also participated in wind power labs for understanding the various characteristics of an object that make it more or less susceptible to moving via the wind. Through experimentation and testing, the students have determined that weight, height, and shape are factors that decide how far an object can move in the wind.

First graders have been learning about solar energy by participating in labs to help them understand the difference between the heat from the sun and energy from the sun.

To help further their learning, second grade students constructed anemometers, and by counting how many times their reference spun around in one minute, the students were able to calculate the wind speed in feet per second.

Third and fourth graders have been studying about renewable and nonrenewable energy throughout their experimental labs demonstrating the different properties of reflection and absorption.

Along with participating in similar labs, fifth grade students created functional solar ovens made from pizza boxes.  In addition, students designed and constructed their own windmills which were tested for various loads with determining their effectiveness.

Data collected from the REVTOS System will also provide the specific information needed for ongoing research projects in our Lower School S.T.E.M. labs. This continues to be a wonderful learning opportunity for all of our S.T.E.M. students and we would like to thank Alfred State College for providing our students access to this authentic, renewable energy training system!

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A Banner Year for AC125 Homecoming 2015!

Posted on October 28th, 2015 by kvella

Hundreds of people gathered on campus on a beautiful fall day in October, many representing generations of AC families.  In honor of our year-long AC125 celebration, we expanded Homecoming festivities to the include the upper field and…

  • We invited the Daily Refresher Food Truck and set up a large dining tent near the very popular Alumni Tent where there was cider and donuts!
  • We set up an additional bounce house, lawn games, and even a new Middle School game!
  • New favorite features included our zip line and a petting zoo as part of our partnership with the Seneca Park Zoo!
  • Best of all, the Varsity Boys Soccer won their game easily vs. Honeoye 4-0!

AC Homecoming is becoming a weekend not to miss.  Hope to see you at this event next year!

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Project-Based Learning in Collaboration with the Seneca Park Zoo!

Posted on June 17th, 2015 by ssorrentino

In the fall of 2014, the third grade S.T.E.M. students were each given a caterpillar larva.  It was their job to prepare a culture vessel for their larva that would provide food, water, and shelter.  The students then had the opportunity to observe their larva as it went through metamorphosis and became a beautiful butterfly.

As part of this life science unit, each student researched a different butterfly.  A student who researched monarch butterflies discovered that the number of monarch butterflies, actually making it to Mexico to hibernate, has dropped 90%!  The reason for this dramatic decrease in monarch butterflies is because the milkweed plant is getting destroyed due to herbicides.  Upon learning this, our students were highly motivated to find a way to help save the monarch butterfly.  As a result, the students decided to plant a butterfly garden on the Allendale Columbia School campus.

With the collaborative assistance of the Butterfly Beltway Project staff of the Seneca Park Zoo, the students learned what a monarch butterfly needs to survive. Throughout their campus visits, the very knowledgeable staff provided our students informative and engaging presentations. Our students learned so much from these real world, scientific experts. For example, there are specific plants that a monarch butterfly needs.  While milkweed is the host plant for monarch butterfly larvae, nectar plants are also essential.  In addition, these plants also need to be grouped together, in a very specific way, so the butterflies can locate them.  Not only did specific plants need to be brought in, but the invasive swallow wort needed to be removed, as it kills the vital milkweed.  So much work!  However, our students would not be dissuaded!  As a result of this collaborative effort, Allendale Columbia School is now home to a beautiful 100 square foot butterfly garden.

In the Fall of 2015, the Seneca Park Zoo will again visit Allendale Columbia School to release the first batch of monarch butterflies.  It is our hope that this first batch will imprint on their offspring with returning back to the school campus in the Spring of 2016.

This exciting and collaborative effort is an ongoing, project-based, and authentic learning experience spanning the course of multiple years.  Next year, our S.T.E.M. students will pick milkweed seeds and start their own gardens.  Additionally, the students at Allendale Columbia School will take part in an authentic research study where they will need to record the number of eggs, larvae, caterpillars, and butterflies in the garden.  These documented results will be forwarded to the Seneca Park Zoo as part of the Monarch Resurgent Project

More than learning ABOUT science, our S.T.E.M. students are learning TO BE real world, scientists!




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