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Collaborations for Impact

The AC Difference

Established in 2015, the AC Centers for Impact challenge our students to think and work in new ways to better prepare them for the world they will inherit, shape, and lead. These three unique programs (the AC … 
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Centers for Impact

AC Center for
Global Engagement

Daouda Camara, Director

We are graduating students who have experienced the world, studied multicultural perspectives, and are ready to be global leaders. The AC Center for Global Engagement provides students with individualized and meaningful experiences, allowing them to foster global understanding and empathy, preparing the next generation to make a positive and lasting impact in the world they will inherit.

AC Center for Creativity & Entrepreneurship

Amy Oliveri, Director

An entrepreneurial mindset enables students to better analyze situations, reframe challenges, and develop strategies to reach a desired goal. The AC Center for Creativity & Entrepreneurship helps develop that mindset, inspiring students to adapt to a constantly evolving world as they grow, learn, apply, and execute new ideas. By connecting globally, carving their own paths, accepting failure as part of the process, and using empathy as a tool, students develop an authentic, universally applicable, and transferable skill set.

AC Invent Center for
STEM and Innovation

Maya Crosby, Director

At Allendale Columbia, we’re committed to providing authentic, relevant learning experiences that challenge students. Our STREAM (Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) curriculum is enabling students to excel in these critical and interconnected areas of study. Students conduct original research and development, giving them the opportunity to design, innovate, build, and create solutions to real problems.

Our Partnerships

Allendale Columbia School has forged a number of local, national, and international partnerships to enhance student learning in our Centers for Impact and across the school.

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