EV3 Robotics for Innovation – New Engineering S.T.E.M. Course

Posted on September 3rd, 2014 by ssorrentino

Our last two weeks of Summer Engineering S.T.E.M. Camps at Allendale Columbia School were truly an amazing experience for students and teachers alike!

Our real-world engineering course: EV3 Robotics for Innovation included mock Board Meetings and Think Tank Sessions. Students brought their “factory prototypes,” the LEGO Education Color Sorter Model, and the Robot Arm Model for lively discussions. As part of this experience, students shared ideas for design, function, and programming modifications and enhancements.


Students then returned to their stations to work on their proof of concept for an improved viable prototype, while maintaining our “factory constraints” of reusing parts and innovating enhanced robot designs and functionality. Students creatively re-engineered their physical models by relocating and reprogramming their sensors, improving hopper functionality, adding new moving parts and functions, and adding navigation (for some designs). Equally exciting was that all students were also able to program completely new, efficient, and well-commented coding that was far simpler, more effective, and easy to explain to the user!

We are also pleased to announce that this new Engineering S.T.E.M. course will also be offered, throughout the 2014-15 academic year at Allendale Columbia School as one of several new Middle School Elective Course offerings.

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