After pursing her passion for teaching, Ann became a long-term substitute at Allendale Columbia before beginning to teach first grade full-time at AC. Prior to beginning her teaching career, Ann was in the financial industry as an Assistant Vice President, Financial Analyst, and Corporate Trainer at two different regional banks. Ann earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from Penn State College and her Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education from Roberts Wesleyan College. 

Why did you decide to go into this line of work?
Teaching has truly been my life-long dream.  I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to teach.

What’s the best part about working at Allendale Columbia?
The best part is being surrounded by people who share the same teaching philosophy and NOT having to “teach to the test!”

Share a fun or interesting fact about yourself.
When I was a young girl, I used to accompany my dad (an amateur archeologist) on many “digs.” I have helped him uncover mastodon bones, Native American pottery, and Colonial coins!