Lisa has worked as a vocalist and music educator for over 30 years. Music has been the focal point of her life, whether on stage or in the classroom. She has been at Allendale Columbia School for 29 years and was chair of the Music Department for 19. In addition, she has served as the director of children’s choirs at Hochstein; director of the Creative Music Studio; and has performed classical, pop, and jazz professionally for over 35 years.

What do you like most about your job?
Allendale Columbia allows educators the freedom to develop a curriculum that is creative, dynamic, and relevant to student interests and needs. With this freedom comes the responsibility to stay current and to seek professional development opportunities, which are well-supported by the administration.

Why or how did you decide to go into this line of work?
Being involved in the arts was transformative for me as a child. I knew that I wanted to be the catalyst for children in the same way my teachers inspired me.

Share a fun or interesting fact about yourself.
I traveled in a show band with five male musicians, playing venues that included Atlantic City hotels. While it was satisfying to pursue singing full-time, it ultimately defined why teaching was my true calling.