Maya Crosby
Director, AC Invent Center for STEM and Innovation
(585) 381-4560 x267

Maya earned her Bachelor of Science Degree at the University of Rochester, where she studied science and communications, and then worked in biotech and scientific publishing. While at the University of Maine for a Master of Science degree in marine microbiology, she loved being a teaching fellow so much that she shifted her focus to fostering science education and experiences for all students. After several years of teaching science, computer science, and technology, she became the Director of Innovation and Technology at Lincoln Academy in Newcastle, Maine. She also brings experience as a Developmental Biology and Microbiology Instructor at Bowdoin College, an Education Coordinator at the Gulf of Maine Foundation, a Science Editor for Blackwell Science, and a Research Technician for ImmuLogic Pharmaceuticals.

Why did you decide to go into this line of work?
I am a science and technology evangelist. It’s my passion to get people excited about all things S.T.E.M. and make fresh connections to the science and technology in their daily lives.

What’s the best part about working at Allendale Columbia?
It was evident before I even walked through the door that AC was a special and unique place – people were so warm and welcoming and also clearly stellar at their work.

What or who is your biggest influence?

My mother. She was a single mom who worked very hard but always took the time to show me the wonder in the world.