For 19 years, Tarah has been working in student affairs on both the secondary school and college levels. She has experience running admissions programs, creating college outreach programs, overseeing dorms, teaching photography, and serving as Director of Multicultural Affairs. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Bard College.

How did you decide to go into this line of work?
I was offered a job as an Admissions Counselor right after graduation, and I realized how much I enjoyed being a part of another person’s journey. I really valued being able to help those that traditionally would not have been afforded access to selective secondary schools and institutions of higher education.

What’s the best part about working at Allendale Columbia?
I love the vibe; it fits me. I’m allowed to be creative and have it viewed as knowledge and experience, not as being “different.”

What’s your favorite hobby and why?
Photography; I enjoy the ability to have people see the world as I see it – from any and all angles.