Together, we are making an impact.

Thanks to bold planning and generosity, Allendale Columbia School exceeded its Impact Initiative goal!

In 2015, AC set out to identify and address the next set of opportunities for our school community through the launch of our three-year strategic plan, Making an Impact in a Global Century: The Allendale Columbia Endeavor, and its supporting fundraising campaign, The Impact Initiative.

Together, in just three years, parents, alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends of AC came together from more than 10 countries, 40 states, and 765 unique zip codes to raise $4.68 million in support of the critical areas of growth outlined in the strategic plan.

There is extraordinary momentum at AC today. These critical areas of academic growth have already challenged our students to think and work in new ways to better prepare them for the world they will help shape and lead. They have reinforced the importance of community engagement and life beyond these walls

There is still work to be done, but it’s time to celebrate the incredible work we’ve accomplished so far as a community!


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