May Term 2017: Details and Information

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Over the next two weeks Middle and Upper School students will register for AC’s exciting experience known as May Term. Students will participate in 12 days of in-depth, experiential learning from May 22nd through June 8th. May Term covers a range of topics and allows students to work in mixed age groups on projects that impact the larger community, offering an enriching experience that delves deeply beyond the traditional curriculum and routine. During May Term, students will be placed in two teacher-led sessions and two student-led workshops that they will have expressed interest in during the registration period. Please note: students are placed in sessions based on interest level and developmental needs.

Teacher-led May Term Offerings:
During teacher-led sessions, faculty members will facilitate the classes allowing students to explore two different areas of interest (class offerings are divided into Session A and Session B). Session A will run from May 22nd – May 30th, and Session B will run from June 1st – June 7th. These sessions create opportunities for breadth and depth on specific topics and areas of interest being studied and experienced. Students will work together toward a common goal using creative problem solving and critical thinking strategies.

Student-led Workshops:
This year, we’re excited to share that we are including student-led workshops for the first time as part of our May Term. After last year’s May Term, students expressed interest in leading, sharing, and teaching about a passion or personal interest, ultimately allowing students and faculty to work together in a different way. The introduction of student-led sessions is designed to allow students to step out of their comfort zones and into the driver’s seat as teachers. Docendo discimus, “by teaching we learn.” Students leading these workshops will not only further build leadership and presentation skills, but also gain empathy as they take on the role of facilitator in the classroom. A faculty member will collaborate and support each student facilitator, helping them develop curriculum and then becoming a resource during class time. Click here to view examples of Student Workshops.

May Term Exhibition Night:
At the culmination of May Term, we will share our learning and experiences at an Exhibition Night held on Thursday, June 8th, from 6:00-7:30 p.m. All students are required to attend, and we hope you join us to learn more about the incredibly innovative work happening during May Term at AC.

May Term Timeline:
The following timeline outlines important events during the May Term process:

  • March 20th: Students and parents will have access to Course Descriptions
  • March 27th: Student registration will take place
  • April: Students will be notified of their course selections and schedule
  • May Term Session A: May 22nd – May 30th
  • Community Service Day: Wednesday, May 31st
  • May Term Session B: June 1st – June 7th
  • Preparation for Exhibition Night: June 8th
  • Exhibition Night: June 8th from 6:00-7:30 p.m.

Please talk with your child about May Term, and join them in looking through the May Term Course Descriptions. You can find the Course Descriptions on our May Term website. A link for this can also be found in the “Resources” module on MyAC.

When students register for May Term on March 27th, please note that they will be indicating interest in courses and not making course selections. We cannot guarantee that all students will be placed in the courses they are most interested in due to capacity, however, we will place them in courses that they have indicated interest in. When possible, courses will have a mix of ages and changes will not be made unless logistically or medically necessary.

We are excited about our fifth year of May Term and innovative curriculum! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Amy Oliveri!

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