Students Create a Commercial for The Wolf Den

Posted on March 25th, 2014 by mbjorklund

The students of Allendale Columbia School keep busy dreaming up fun projects. It wasn’t long before sights were set on the school store, The Wolf Den. In hopes of generating more awareness of the variety of products and offerings available, Student Teacher Elizabeth Partridge, working with AC’s Enrichment Specialist, Mrs. Bjorklund, and fourth graders: Emma, Cadence, and Claire brainstormed and developed a commercial to promote The Wolf Den.

After a brief discussion about what information would be necessary to make an informative and enticing advertisement, ideas poured freely and the best ones were captured in a script. Emma, Cadence, and Claire (along with special guest, Mrs. Bjorklund), memorized their lines quickly and delivered them with zest! Highlights include The Wolf Den jingle dreamt up by the actresses and a visit from the school mascot. The editing process was fun for Miss Partridge as she got to relive the fun moments of filming, and the end product is one to be proud of! Great memories were made while creating a fun commercial in hopes of promoting our fabulous store, The Wolf Den!

Click here to view the ad!


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