Entrepreneur Speaker: F. Olivers

Posted on April 10th, 2013 by kvella

Penelope really captured everyones attention by promising to share a couple of business secrets with us! The first being that she is about to open her fourth brick and mortar location here in Pittsford, near Allendale Columbia! Students were curious about what this meant. She explained that just a few years ago online shopping had not yet made its debut and all stores were referred to as brick and mortar.

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The second secret she shared was the story behind the name F. Oliver’s. They chose the name Oliver because it sounds a little like olive oil. Felix is the name of Penelope’s cat, so she took the F and then added Oliver’s to make it sound like someone’s name. Penelope explained that naming a business is important. She chose a business name that sounded like a person’s name so he customers would feel invited and comfortable.

The students have been enjoying F. Oliver’s┬ádelicious olive oil and balsamic vinegar at our salad bar! Today there was blood orange olive oil and pomegranate vinegar. We appreciate Penelope taking the time out of her busy schedule to speak with us in preparation for Entrepreneur Day (May 3, 2013). We hope you will be able to join our students for this exciting event!

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