US Community Service Day

Posted on May 20th, 2013 by kvella

Our fourth annual Upper School Day of Service took place on Friday, May 17. Students participated in community service activities in several places in and around the Allendale Columbia campus.

  • Foodlink in Rochester to sort and process donations
  • Rochester Roots a community garden project we supported last year
  • AC campus where students will help with the AC Garden Project and nature trail maintenance
  • Corbett’s Glen for trail maintenance
  • School 25 for a children’s show performance written and directed by AC students
  • Schoen Place in the Village of Pittsford for some mini-mural painting

Students spent three hours on these projects then returned in time to have lunch together. In the afternoon, students took part in karaoke, a game of kickball, or ultimate frisbee with faculty. The day ended with a slide show presentation of the day’s activities. Click here for more details about the day!

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Fourth Graders Making a Difference

Posted on May 16th, 2013 by Tony Tepedino

Guest post written by Allendale Columbia School 4th grade teacher Stephanie DePaul-Pragel.

Learning about making a difference in this world and experiencing it are two totally different experiences.  In fourth grade, we study the life of Susan B. Anthony and the difference she has made for us today.  In her honor, the students reach out to make a difference here at school first, and then try to connect to the community.  Two activities, collecting tabs for Ronald McDonald House and collecting books for the Children’s Center at the Hall of Justice, were community outreach projects.  The students felt limited in the audience they could reach by using posters and making lunch announcements.  That is when social media and technology came into play.  The students created two commercials appealing to a broader group of people.  The commercials had their initial viewing by Lower School and had a second viewing by Upper School before going to the web.  We are excited to see where this will take the message and what support we will receive for the two causes. The bigger excitement for me as a teacher was watching my students take a project and produce commercials that send a clear message to the greater community…we can make a difference!

Ronald McDonald House of Rochester

Children’s Center

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Heart Head Hand

Posted on March 28th, 2013 by Tony Tepedino

Allendale Columbia School fifth graders reported on their service learning projects at the recent “Heart – Head – Hand” assembly. This is the third year AC fifth graders have undertaken this project in which they identify causes or issues that they care about (“Heart”), learn about the issue (“Head”), and then do something about it (“Hand”). Students undertook a variety of causes for their projects and presentations and we’d like to congratulate them on their hard work and the difference they’ve made!

Special thanks to Mr. Northrup for putting all of this together!

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