Upper School Musical Production of Godspell Celebrates Community

Posted on December 19th, 2019 by acsrochester

This year’s upper school musical was selected to celebrate the best part of AC: our community. The evening featured live art and the work of several local artists. For students, this show was also about what they could learn as actors and as members of a community. It is a unique show in that there is so much left to the imagination beyond the text of the script. The focus throughout the production was on connecting through different acting techniques and art-making that creates a strong ensemble.

When developing the concept for AC’s version of Godspell, we considered where strong examples of community are found. As artists, creators, and innovators, we are members of a community that is bigger than themselves. Examples of this can be seen on stage, in galleries, and at festivals, from events at AC to Clothesline Arts Festival to Burning Man, which inspired today’s production. In AC’s Godspell, artists worked their craft on-stage, painting, building mini-sculptures, crocheting, making pottery. Actors interacted with the artists and with the audience as well, and mingled with them during intermission.

Godspell was a true celebration of the arts and community.
View all photos in the Godspell gallery, which are available to purchase to support AC Theatre productions.

AC Danced Art from ACS Rochester on Vimeo.

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