Join our community of global learners.

Each year we have 25-35 international students from as many as 15 different countries and 4 continents.  You will be among diverse, smart, talented students at Allendale Columbia School.  We offer 17 AP courses, an excellent college-preparatory curriculum, the opportunity for internships, May Term, and a welcoming community that feels like an extended family.  AC has an experienced college adviser who has visited over 170 colleges and universities.  Our students consistently attend some of the most competitive colleges and universities and they go on to achieve in life beyond college.   We have an extraordinary, personalized boutique residential opportunity for students to live in a home away from home.

“I find myself well-prepared for the challenging courses offered in college compared to other students in my classes.”   – Yunmei Z. ’12, Cornell University ’16

“Academically speaking, there is no better preparation for the future than an Allendale Columbia education.  The values and life skills taught at AC are applicable in every aspect of life.”  – Rob C. ’11, Harvard University ’15

Living and learning in Rochester, New York

Rochester has been consistently rated as having an outstanding quality of life by top publications like ForbesMoney, and Child Magazine. We have four beautiful seasons, many cultural attractions, and safe communities in which to live. Rochester is also home to world-class colleges and universities, including the University of Rochester and Rochester Institute of Technology. You can learn more about our city by visiting, and please feel free to contact the Admissions team at any time with questions! We would be happy to hear from you.

The international student experience at Allendale Columbia School

Allendale Columbia School embraces diversity, enrolling students from all over the world. Over the last few years our school community has included students from China, France, Germany, India, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Nepal, the Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, South Korea, Sweden, and Zimbabwe.  We welcome new international students each year. Our students and faculty truly value the opportunity to learn about new cultures while helping our international students experience life and education in America. Our international students are high achieving, strong English speakers and writers who are excited to contribute fully to our community while being fully immersed in classes at AC.   We feel confident that the AC experience prepares our graduates to  excel at some of the most competitive colleges or universities in the United States and around the world.

“Actively participating in class can sometimes be difficult, but because it was so encouraged at AC, it has become infinitely easier for me.”  – Serina S. ’11, Princeton University ’16

In addition to host family accommodations that provide the opportunity to experience the American culture in a supportive family environment, Allendale Columbia School has a residential option adjacent to campus for international students. AC owns two homes walking distance from campus that provide top quality living experiences, a chef, and transportation to and from the doctor as needed.  We have 10 boys in the Tait International House and 8 girls in the International House for Girls.

All international students benefit from weekend activities to enhance the experience of living in the United States.

International Student Application Checklist

We accept applications for international students for grades 8-12, although we have international families throughout our community in grades N-12. All forms are available online in PDF form. You can apply online directly with payment of $160.

Allendale Columbia School accepts international students in grades 8 through 11. To obtain an Allendale Columbia School diploma, all students must spend a minimum of two years at the campus. Non-degree/non-diploma candidates wishing to spend one year at Allendale Columbia as an exchange student may join the senior class.

We recommend submitting your completed application materials as soon as possible and before January 31. A Skype and/or on-campus interviews will be offered for completed applications. We will accept applications on a rolling basis, if there is space available. Please email the Admission Office at to inquire about space available after the deadline.

The following steps are necessary to complete an application file:

  1. Complete a parent application. Click here to complete parent application online.
  2. Complete a student application. Click here to download. Student must hand write application.
  3. Submit three (3) teacher recommendations (translated).
  4. Submit an official transcript (translated). This should include classes taken and grades received.
  5. Submit your TOEFL or TOEFL JR. score (iBT TOEFL is accepted) or SSAT. TOEFL code is 3542; SSAT code is 1205.
  6. Complete a Skype interview with Director of Admissions and a member of the Admission Committee.

Allendale Columbia School works with a variety of agencies who provide homestay experiences. Students looking for a homestay option must work with an agency to secure a homestay family; AC can provide recommendations of agencies with whom we currently work, but we do not manage a homestay program.

Students interested in living in our international residences are not required to work with an agency and should submit their information directly to the admissions office at Allendale Columbia School.

Once a family enrolls at Allendale Columbia School with an agency, we require that family to remain with an agency for the duration of the student’s time at Allendale Columbia School.

International Student Financial Information

An Allendale Columbia School education is a smart investment.

AC’s tuition includes our our personalized College Advisory Program; certain field trips; the ninth grade retreat; a comprehensive athletic program for grades 7-12; choral ensembles; textbooks and eBooks through Upper School; specials in Art, Library, PE, Spanish, French, and Latin; all-inclusive family-style lunch; and much more. Tuition is set annually. While additional expenses are not incurred often, there are costs associated with AP test registration, SAT, ACT, and TOEFL tests.

Our international student tuition ranges from $31,800 to $59,950 depending on housing status. Tuition assistance is also available in the form of need-based financial aid and Global Merit Scholarships. For more information you can also contact Shannon Baudo, Director of Enrollment Management and Financial Aid, by phone at 585.641.5282 or by email at

An Enrollment Deposit is due with the completed Enrollment Contract: Please note that the deposit is non-refundable and will be credited toward total tuition. Contracts submitted without the full deposit will be incomplete, and the student’s place cannot be held.

Terms of Account: Family accounts with the School must be kept current. An account will be considered current if it is paid by the due dates noted under the tuition payment options. The School may charge a late payment fee of 2% as well as 1.5% interest per month on delinquent accounts. Grades and transcripts may be withheld for the student whose family accounts are not kept current. Failure to meet payment schedules in a timely manner may result in the suspension of the student and such a suspension shall not constitute a breach of the Enrollment Contract by the School. In the event of a default in payment, families agree to be responsible for all costs of collection including reasonable attorneys’ fees. If an unpaid balance exists, the student will not be considered as having completed the academic year.

Tuition Refund Plan: The School makes available and strongly recommends participation in the Tuition Refund Plan. The premium cost will be billed to participants at a rate of 3.9% of the tuition amount listed with the payment option selected. Participants authorize the School to claim and collect any payment to which families are entitled under the Tuition Refund Plan, to credit them to families’ accounts, and to pay any excess to families. Participants agree to pay the School whatever balance remains unpaid after any payment from the Plan is credited to their account.

Medical Insurance: The School requires all international students to provide proof of medical insurance that is valid in the United States.

Student Accident Insurance Plan: The School strongly recommends that all international students purchase the Student Accident Plan. The cost is $19.

Please find additional detailed information about everything from frequently asked questions to forms and tuition by browsing the rest of our website.

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