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Narrowing down college options can be tough if you’re not sure where to begin. You have one chance to present your application to the admission committee, one chance to “WOW” an admission counselor in an interview, … 
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College consulting offers:

  • One-on-one support from a counselor with 15 years experience in college admissions and first-hand knowledge of how highly selective colleges choose their freshmen classes
  • Support that includes the entire family in the conversation
  • Friendly, yet persistent reminders during the college application process
  • Extensive knowledge of scholarship opportunities and the financial aid process
  • Proven track record of students gaining admission to their top choice schools
Emily Nevinger

Emily Nevinger

Emily Nevinger is Allendale Columbia School's College Advising Consultant, guiding students in the greater Rochester area and beyond on the college application process, financial aid, interview preparation, essay review, and more! Emily began working at the university level in 2003 and was a senior member of the admission committees for University of Miami, Emory University, and UNC Chapel Hill. Emily holds a bachelor's degree in Public Policy from Duke University and a Master of Science in Higher Education Administration and Enrollment Management from the University of Miami. She will earn her College Access Counseling Certificate from Rice University in 2019.