Greetings and thank you for your interest in the AC Center for Global Engagement! 

At the AC Center for Global Engagement we believe in the positive impact each individual can make in the world, and we are committed to growing and fostering partnerships around the world, exposing students to global opportunities and multicultural perspectives in preparation for college and the global workforce, and creating a culture of global empathy and global responsibility.

Students of all ages at AC are encouraged and motivated to be caring and engaged citizens in their communities and communities around the world.

This is not your typical study abroad…

While many schools offer foreign languages and study abroad trips, the AC Center for Global Engagement goes much deeper. Our program is based on a proprietary curriculum that supports AC’s Global Engagement DiplomaIn this program, students engage in:

  • Service-learning
  • Research
  • Entrepreneurial and cultural-immersion international trips
  • Leadership and exchange opportunities 

When our students learn about other cultures or travel abroad, it is not the typical tourist experience. Instead, they are active partners with the global organizations with which we work year round, year after year. Through the Center for Global Engagement, our students work side by side with students and organizations from around the world to gain multicultural perspectives, foster lifelong relationships, and create a culture of global empathy and responsibility. Our students leave this program, not only with global awareness but, with real life experiences and preparation to enter college and the global workforce.

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AC Center for Global Engagement Director

Daouda Camara

Daouda Camara

Daouda Camara teaches French and is the Director of Global Engagement at AC. Prior to joining AC in February of 2020, Daouda worked at BuildOn in Senegal as a Trek Manager where he trained, monitored and evaluated the host country trek team, arranged trips, and built schools committed to gender equality. He has been teaching French since 1986 in various locations, including California and Illinois, and he has served as trainer and cross cultural guide in the U.S. Peace Corps in Senegal, Niger, Nigeria, and Mali. Daouda graduated with his baccalaureate from Lycèe Charles de Gaulle in Senegal and continued his university studies at the Universitè de Dakar. He also has a certificate in Educational Administration and Management from Ecole Normale Superieure, Senegal and a certificate in Adult Education from Accord Paris Ecole de Langues, France.