Global Diploma Program & Requirements

Beginning in 8th grade, students can choose to pursue the Global Engagement Diploma, a unique program that allows students a chance to engage with local and international organizations and communities. Designed to offer students choice, autonomy, and accountability, the requirements for the Global Diploma serve as a road map and every experience a student has leads to the next one.

The profile of a global scholar is a highly dedicated and self-motivated student who strives to understand the world he/she will inherit, increase his/her global empathy, and give back to local and international communities.

The global scholar strives to:
  • Understand how the world is interconnected
  • Have awareness of the possibilities and constraints facing people from all over the world
  • Think critically about the world and their role in it
  • Have an appreciation for the different cultures, customs, systems, and relationships that exist all over the globe
  • Have awareness of how vast the world is and how they can travel to leave their own footprint wherever they go
  • Be curious and inquisitive
  • Have an appreciation for world languages
  • Understand their responsibility on a global scale which includes respect for all diversity
  • Understand the skills and technologies necessary for life in the 21st century
  • Advocate for human rights and positive change in the world
Students interested in pursuing the global diploma can apply during their 8th or 9th grade year.

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