Below are a few of the experiences students can look forward to participating in through the Center for Global Engagement.

Course Offerings

At Allendale Columbia, global engagement is a concept that extends across all grade levels, from Lower School through Upper School. Programs and activities are provided at age appropriate levels. Click the link below to learn more about the specific course offerings by Division.

Global Diploma

Beginning in 8th grade, students can choose to pursue the Global Engagement Diploma, a unique program that allows students a chance to engage with local and international organizations and communities in a deeper more meaningful way. Designed to offer students choice, autonomy, and accountability, the requirements for the Global Diploma serve as a road map and every experience a student has leads to the next one.

International Travel

Allendale Columbia and its Center for Global Engagement is committed to providing diverse and accessible travel opportunities to all its students. Students interested in participating in a trip during their Middle and/or Upper School years are encouraged to apply after hearing about the opportunities early in the school year.

The travel opportunities offered are geared around service learning, cultural immersion, and/or entrepreneurship.

In addition to the invaluable learning, growth, and relationship opportunities these travel and cultural experiences provide, these trips are designed to sustain strong connections with our overseas partners to ensure students have meaningful and safe experiences.

Summer Global Leadership Program

Allendale Columbia School’s Center for Global Engagement, in partnership with Rochester Global Connections, offers the Summer Global Leadership Program designed for young people in Rochester interested in learning about and engaging in global issues.

Students participate in a 2-week, all-day program where they work, eat, and play with highly-selected youth who are part of the Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program (IYLEP). Together the students receive training and engage in hands-on projects that explore leadership skills, civic education, diversity and inclusion, human rights, and peace building. Through cross-cultural collaboration, this program provides all participants with a life-changing experience to help make an impact both locally and globally.

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