Creating a Healthy + Sustainable Culture

We believe that physical health, learning, and the environment are naturally connected. Our commitment to a healthy and sustainable food program means that we limit processed foods, provide homemade meals whenever possible, and LS lunch2offer a variety of options for students to choose from daily.  At AC, we offer fresh and nutritious food every day with homemade soups; vegetarian options; a 25-item salad bar with homemade dressings; and a second cold bar with fresh meats, cheeses, fruits, and yogurts. Our meals are served family-style with a faculty member at each table, so lunch is a time when students can get to know faculty and students from other grades. Social and athletic announcements are made during lunch, along with a daily trivia challenge.

A team of Allendale Columbia students, teachers, parents, and employees worked with nutrition and sustainability experts to create a customized, school-wide approach to our food program that’s healthy, environmentally responsible, and absolutely delicious. 

What’s cooking:

• More recipes made from scratch
• A focus on using whole foods and non-processed ingredients
• Switching many wasteful, single-serving packets of condiments to refillable containers
• Expanding local food partnerships

There’s something for everyone! We accommodate a wide variety of food allergies, vegetarian or vegan diets, or medically-related food needs. Our chocolate milk is fat free (not just low fat) and accompanied by soy milk, orange juice, fat free vitamin D milk, and water. The choice is in our students’ hands at lunch time with a daily entrée, homemade soup, fresh-baked breads, sandwich toppings, and fresh fruit.

Our soups, salad dressings, and desserts—typically a common source for processed ingredients—are all made from scratch.

Supporting a Sustainable Environment

We’re committed to protecting our environment and natural resources.
As a result, we:

• Use crops harvested from the Allendale Columbia organic garden
• Limit the use of disposable products
• Fully support our student-run recycling and composting program

We’re proud to be “localvores.”
We choose to partner with local businesses, suppliers, and farms that share our healthy + sustainable philosophy, including:

Headwater Food Hub, providing seasonal produce, meats, cheeses, and organic, cage-free eggs
Flour City Bread Company, baking our white and wheat breads as well as our rolls
Natural Upcycling, helping us to reduce waste and do our part for the environment


What’s for Lunch

Monday January 14 – Friday January 18

Monday January 14

Soup: Wild rice and squash
Family style meal: Cheese or garlic pizza
Salad bar and Sandwich/fruit/yogurt bar

Tuesday January 15

Soup: Cream of mango
Family style meal: Sloppy joe on a bun
Vegetarian: Black bean burger
Dessert: Strawberry ice cream
Salad bar and Sandwich/fruit/yogurt bar

Wednesday January 16

Soup: Broccoli cheese
Family style meal: Pepper steak with jasmine rice
Vegetarian: Tofu
Salad bar and Sandwich/fruit/yogurt bar

Thursday January 17

Soup: Chicken rice
Family style meal: Cheese ravioli with a breadstick
Salad bar and Sandwich/fruit/yogurt bar

Friday January 18

Soup: Cream of pumpkin with cinnamon croutons
Family style meal: Balsamic chicken with baby tomatoes and couscous
Vegetarian: Portabella mushroom
Dessert: Cookie
Salad bar and Sandwich/fruit/yogurt bar